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Importable Data for your system
We generate several data files (same data in different formats) to import your data into your computer system.  We prefer to email this data to you for expediency.  Though our prices change very rarely, this process is automated and you can receive your data by email within minutes of your request.

The updates to the right are going to be available for a couple of months.  After that, they will be taken off line and again made available on request.

To support computers from Main Frames to PC's, we offer these file types:
NOTE: Each file contains the "same data" in different file formats

  • XLS Excel file
  • .DBF dBase/FoxPro (Excel compatible) w/headers
  • .CSV Comma Delimited fields
  • .DEL Comma & Quote Delimited fields
  • .FIX Fixed Width fields
  • .DIB Fixed Width fields for DoItBest CS2000 systems (V. 08/07/06)
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