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FAX (541) 744-1173
Battery Starter Cable Lighting Accessories and Switches
Battery Terminals & Accessories Lugs Brazed Barrel HD
Chassis Clips Multi-Conductor Wire & Cable
Clamps Primary Wire & Code
Connectors & Terminals with Heat Shrink Spi-Wrap
Crosslink Wire Split Loom & Accessories
Fuses Terminals & Connectors 22-10 AWG
Fuse Holders & Terminal Blocks Test Clips & Clamps
Fusible Link Wire Testers & Test Leads
Grommets Tie Wraps & Mounts
Heat Shrink Tubing Tools
High Temperature Terminals Trailer Connectors
Ignition Terminals Under Water Splice Kits
Kits & Kit Racks Vacuum Caps
Large Terminals & Connectors 8-4/0 AWG WP Series Pins, Towers & Shrouds
Category Section
Battery Starter Cable Battery Cable
Side Terminal Battery Cables: 4 ga.
Top Post Battery Cables: 2 ga.
Battery Terminals & Accessories Battery Hold-Down Bolts
Battery Post Shims
Battery Post and Terminal Cleaner
Battery Terminal Bolt and Nut 5/16" X 1/2"
Battery Terminals: Crimpable
Battery Terminals: Solder Type & Bolt-on Type
Charging Post For S-S Stud Post Battery
Charging Posts
Conversion Terminals
Corrosion Deterrent Washers for Battery Connections
For Stud Post Bettery: Solder Only
Side Terminal Bolt
Side Terminal Bolt with 5/16 Adpt Stud
Split Barrel Brass Terminals
Stainless Steel Nut for S.S. Stud Post Batteries
Switch to Starter Cables: 4 ga.
Chassis Clips Chassis Clips
Clamps Adhesive Mount Clamps
LD (Light Duty) Clamps: Black
LD (Light Duty) Clamps: Natural
Steel Clamps with Neoprene Insulation
Steel Clamps with Vinyl Insulation
Connectors & Terminals with Heat Shrink Crimpable Connector & Terminals with Sealant Shrink & Solder
Crimpable Connectors and Terminals with Sealant Shrink
Crosslink Wire Cross Link SXL Primary Wire
Fuses AGC Fuses
Blade ATO/ATC Fuses
Glass Fuses
Maxi Fuses
Mini Fuses
Fuse Holders & Terminal Blocks Fuse Block Terminals: Blade Type
Fuse Blocks & Terminal Blocks
Fusible Link Wire Fusible Link Wire
Grommets Nylon Grommeting
Vinyl Grommets
Heat Shrink Tubing Heat Shrink Tubing with Adhesive Sealant: Black
Heat Shrink Tubing with Adhesive Sealant: Red
Heat Shrink Tubing: 100' Rolls
Heat Shrink Tubing: 4 Foot Lengths - Black
Heat Shrink Tubing: 4 Foot Lengths - White
Heat Shrink Tubing: 4" Pieces
High Temperature Terminals High Temp. Terminals
Ignition Terminals Ignition Terminals
Kits & Kit Racks All kits may be ordered 1 at a time or in bulk
Large Terminals & Connectors 8-4/0 AWG Super Lugs
Lighting Accessories and Switches Sockets, Pigtails, Switches & Accessories
Lugs Brazed Barrel HD Brazed Lugs
Multi-Conductor Wire & Cable 2-Conductor Jacketed
2-Conductor Parallel
2-Conductor Speaker Wire
3-Conductor Jacketed
3-Conductor Parallel
4-Conductor Jacketed
4-Conductor Parallel
5-Conductor Parallel
Trailer Cable
Primary Wire & Code Primary Wire
Spi-Wrap Spi Wrap
Spi Wrap: Black
Split Loom & Accessories Split Loom and Accessories
Terminals & Connectors 22-10 AWG 3 Ways & 4 Ways: Bullets & Receptacles
Assorted Pack Terminals & Stuff
Butt Connectors
Butt Connectors and Copper Lugs
Flag Connectors
Hook Terminals
Knife Connectors, Closed Ends & Tabs
Nylon Insulated Sleeved Terminals
Pigtail with Sealant
Quick Connect Terminals
Quick Connects and Quick Splices
Ring Terminals
Spade Terminals
Spade Terminals: Block and Block Flanged
Twist Connectors
Uninsulated Terminals
Test Clips & Clamps Test Clips, Boots, Charger Clamps & Booster Clamps
Testers & Test Leads Circuit Tester and Bulbs
Heavy Duty Test Leads
Tie Wraps & Mounts Tie Wraps
Tie Wraps: Black
Tie Wraps: Colored
Tools Crimping Tools
Trailer Connectors 12' Coiled Trailer Assemblies
12' Straight Trailer Assemblies
Trailer Connectors
Under Water Splice Kits Wet Environment Splice Kits
Vacuum Caps Vacuum Caps
WP Series Pins, Towers & Shrouds WP Series

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